On my 57th birthday I am launching this blog to share my thoughts on the paradigm shift I’m going through for about the past year, recognizing that I have Asperger’s Syndrome and how that explains so many things that have puzzled me for so long.Party-Like-A-Vulcan-Closeup

When I first saw the TV show, The Big Bang Theory, so many things that were so familiar, I read the credits carefully, suspecting that someone on their writing staff knew me. On further study, I guess that’s not true. But I still wouldn’t be surprised to find we had mutual friends.  I continue to get a lot of helpful insights from that show and expect I’ll be blogging about those.

I recently was telling someone about my rather embarrassing struggles with issues I now know are typical Aspie problems, and we were both laughing fit to die. She said something about how I should write them up, since they sounded like something from The Big Bang Theory. I’ve been thinking about it since then.

I’ve been helped many times lately by reading blogs by other Aspies. I’ve been helped by journaling just for my own benefit. I also love to make people laugh, although my sense of humor is so odd that people are more often puzzled or angered by it than amused. I plan to post whatever I feel like writing about, without deciding which of these goals are behind it, and you’re free to ignore, laugh or sympathize, as you think appropriate.

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