Why do I imagine the Big Bang Theory writers know me?

I lived in Southern CA from about 1982-1998.  I ran a Dr. Who club (FRED-Friends who Really Enjoy the Doctor), and a Star Trek club (USS Tradition — I was Capt’n Lisa) (when meetings combined, we were “Tread”).  The Dark Shadows group never really got off the ground.  I had a little weekend business selling buttons, t-shirts and Dr. Who scarves at SF conventions called Starship Enterprises.  It never made money, but I got to deduct my convention expenses from my income tax for a while.

Tread landing party at Griffith Observatory
Tread landing party at Griffith Observatory

So, when episodes of the show sound like conversations I’ve had at meetings or conventions, it seems more likely that one of the writers was there than that it’s a  coincidence.

Although there’s an even better explanation.  The more I read about Asperger’s, the more I think Science Fiction fandom has been a Support Group for AS since before Dr. Asperger describe it in 1944.  And for Geeks.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asperger_syndrome


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