Yesterday I shared a recent blog with a FB group I started for my old ST club, the USS Tradition, with an apology if anyone was offended at being called a Geek.

trad senior officers 1984One response was “I was and I am still proudly GEEK!” and I responded “Me, too. But then, I proudly call myself a Crazy Cat Lady, while some CCL’s consider it an insult.

And, of course, lots of people use those terms meaning to be insulting.  I keep thinking of lines from the Big Bang Theory, such as Leonard’s explanation of why he plays the cello. “My parents didn’t think naming me ‘Leonard’ and putting my in Advanced Placement classes was getting me beaten up enough.”  I thought that was funny until someone I once liked said about BBT “Why would I want to watch a show about the kind of people I used to beat up in high school?”

Let’s think about this a minute.  Why would any of those things make someone want to beat you up?  But we all know they would, right?

I just saw something debunking products parents buy to try to make their kids smarter.  My first thought was “Why would parents want their kids to be smarter?”  To get better grades and make more money, that I could understand, but do those really correlate with IQ? And smarts alone are not something I’d wish on anyone I liked.

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