How are you?

lisaworkFor years when I was in my 20’s I agonized over how to answer the question “How are you?”

I knew people didn’t want to hear the truth, but I didn’t want to lie. Then I read an article that explained about “Social Strokes” — all those meaningless “polite” words. I realized it didn’t matter how I answered! No matter what I said, it wasn’t a lie or truth, it just had to be a social stroke.

I settled on “Just fine. And you?” Although for what reason I’m not sure, it usually came out in a Southern Drawl. Maybe because, as long as I was acting, I might as well go all the way.  I think I still do that, but I’ve lost the drawl. I sometimes consider something more witty, but figure it’s safer to stay with the standard. This really isn’t a situation where creativity is appreciated.

But then I kept getting social strokes mixed up. I’d mean to say “Thank you” and it would come out as “Excuse me.” I’d mean to say “You’re welcome” and would come out as “Hello.” Very embarrassing.

And when I finally seemed to have it right, people would laugh at me when I said “Thank you” to the microwave. I mean, it cooks my food for me, and bings to tell me it’s ready, why shouldn’t I respond? And I don’t see how it’s ever wrong to be too polite. Seems to me my microwave has done more to make my life better than any person has ever done.

But I think I’ve got that under control now.

Thank you Word Press.

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