Are you excited?

in hand wheeThis is another question I agonize over. When I last bought a new car, I got asked that a lot. I realized I was disturbing people by not acting more excited and that the right answer was a smile and as energetic an “Oh, yes!” as I could manage.

I just bought a new house (manufactured home, to be delivered to a retirement park) and got that question for the first time yesterday, but probably not the last. Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it and practice, I’m ready to deliver “Oh, yes!” next time.

I think this fits into what I’m going to call my “Klingon warship theory.” Most people look at a new car, new house, money, a lottery ticket, etc and fill in the blanks. They see . . . something else. Happiness, probably. I can’t do that.  I look at my new house and I see a lot of great stuff, for sure. But I also see a million decisions I’m going to have to make and months of not being to remember where I put things. Most of all, I see an exhausting and stressful month in front of me while I get moved.

If you want to see me excited, come by the next time I buy a new pair of socks. I’ve been buying “The World’s Softest Socks” lately, although sometimes I’ll get seduced by something on sale and soft at Grocery Outlet or Walmart. They’re so soft when they’re new!

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