And then there’s movers

a previous move
a previous move

I was planning to use the only mover I got an estimate from, but then I asked them if they could also move my steps.  The answer came back: “I am not sure how we would load the stairs. ”

This is another recurring problem of mine.  I ask a Yes or No question and can’t figure out from the response if the answer is supposed to be Yes or No or Maybe.  I think this is a No and I’d be wasting my time to try to find out what the problem is and look for a solution.  If it was a maybe, he’d say what the problem was — that the van wasn’t big enough or the steps too heavy or whatever.

I want so much to email back “I would think you’d load them by picking them up and putting them in the moving van.  Isn’t that how you planned to load my other things?”  movers

Instead, I asked for an estimate from another mover and when he came, had him look over the steps and we discussed it.  He said he could do it!  And the packing.  He said he really liked to give accurate estimates.  I told him the move wouldn’t be for a couple of weeks.  That was on Sept. 1.  I still haven’t heard back from him.

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