Having fun

I thought I was unique in this, but maybe it’s a common Aspie situation.  When I was in high school, my mother told me that I didn’t need to get straight A’s all the time.  I ought to go out and have fun instead.  The problem was, I knew how to get straight A’s, but had no idea how to have fun.

I fear I wasted a lot of time in my adulthood making myself do things because I knew other people enjoyed them.  I kept hoping I’d learn to like them.  I was probably in my 30’s or 40’s before I decided I didn’t have to force myself to go to parties.  I was never going to learn to like them, and why should I go to them when I didn’t.

So what if my idea of having a good time is to lose myself in a spreadsheet?  Or if my idea of great art is a really good infographic?  Is that really something so shameful that I don’t dare say it in public?  It’s not like I kill people for fun or something.  I’m weird but I’m not hurting anyone.catfamilyI spent a lot of time making this for my own reference.  It was a lot of fun.  Why should I be so embarrassed about admitting that?

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