Even More Fun

Rulers of England v9.4My current “thing” is the Wars of the Roses, which got me to make a correction to this masterpiece infographic of mine. The left side is a mnemonic rhyme I discovered that I think I’ve finally memorized, with the matching actual names and dates on the right.  Along with various other visual clues.

The Wars of the Roses are tougher than any of the other periods I’ve studied because there are so many confusing names of the key players.  Bunches of Margarets, Richards, Elizabeths and Edwards.  I think I’ve finally gotten most of the straight in my head. In Ancient Roman History, there are gazillions of “Gais Julius Caesars” but historians have given them more distinctive names such as “Caligula.”  (Trivia: Caligula would probably be really upset that he’s now known by his childhood nickname, usually given the translation of “Little Boots.”  But recently I heard another translation which he would have liked even less.  “Bootsie”)

Why do I keep thinking of Sheldon’s “Fun with Flags” as I write this?  But I think I’m different because I don’t imagine than anyone else would be interested.  I suppose I’m putting this out hoping someone will be, but I don’t expect it.  I definitely feel better now that I have this blog where I can write about this stuff.

I also keep thinking of Sheldon when I realize how devastated I’ll probably be when Liz dies and this will be outdated.

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