Coincidence, synchronicity or illusory correlation?

{6422393D-AA82-413F-895A-6F4416725399}Img400The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison and The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

Pure coincidence, synchronicity or illusory correlation? I read The Red Queen as part of my recent Wars of the Roses interest and The Silent Wife just happened to be available when I was looking for something on Library2Go. But the same oddity struck me in both books.

In the first half of both, I kept admiring the way the authors showed the hypocrisy of the main characters while the characters were oblivious. But by the second half, it was so extreme as to be ludicrous and the characters were saying things that, in real life, would have forced me to say “Did you just hear yourself?”  I got to wondering if the author was intentionally going for laughs.

In The Red Queen, it was stereotypical religious hypocrisy. On the one hand, that was ingrained in the culture of that period, Divine Right of Kings and all. On the other hand, it’s become a cliché in our culture to the point that even an atheist like me feels sorry for well-meaning church-goers when I see it trotted out again.

In The Silent Wife, it was the everyday hypocrisy that we all do to get through the day, of not noticing our own faults while seeing clearly those of others, only taken to an extreme, and with a background of Pop Psychology. This is one of those rare books that, as soon as I finish it, I have to reread. I haven’t decided yet if the author is extremely clever and I missed some subtle points or extremely sloppy and there were some things that had no point at all.

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