Why am I surrounded by idiots?

24o61hhI know “Why am I surrounded by idiots?” is usually a line for tv villains http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SurroundedByIdiots and the answer is usually obvious: “Because you’re a villain.”  But I’m not a villain and I’m not on tv.  And just can’t believe so many people are so stupid.

There’s my credit card company.  I just spent 25 min on the phone with them.  Now they’re saying that the two or three new cards they sent to replace the one just expired have all been lost in the mail.  The person I talked to last week told me that the first two went to a PO Box in Richmond, VA.  But the person today tells me that’s where they were sent FROM.  It’s just a coincidence that two (or three) cards they sent to the correct address got lost in the mail.  But the next one will be sent FedEx, arriving tomorrow or Monday.  And because this has been such an inconvenience to me (I’ve had no working credit card for a month, just when I’m moving and trying to order stuff online), they’re not even going to charge me the $16 they usually do to send a card by FedEx. My that’s gracious, especially since I’ve never asked them to use FedEx.  I just ask them to send it to the right address.  And not expect me to believe it’s a coincidence that one after the other gets lost in the mail.

There’s the folks I’m buying a manufactured home from and all their subcontractors.  I still have no running water.  Last week one made me come out for a “walk-thru”.  He thought the water had been hooked up, but it hadn’t.  He made a phone call that I thought had addressed the problem.  He showed me where the hookup should be.  I wish I’d taken a pic.  As best I can remember there was a trench and I could see where it should be connected, but wasn’t.  Just a couple feet.  I went back this week and the trench was filled in.  I switched on the whole-house water switch, and still had no water.

I emailed them and they said they don’t do the water hook up.  Another contractor said it’s his understanding that the park does that.  I called the park and they said they do not.  They say it’s possible that it could be hooked up now, but not turned on at the meter.  They can’t do that, and should have been done by whoever hooked it up.  I have emails and phone calls in to other people who might know who’s suppose to hook up the water, and am waiting.

I have been trying to get an answer to one simple question: what are the dimensions of a Full-sized Prodigy adjustable bed.  I’ve gotten 4 different answers from 3 different sources.

The manufacturer says they make only one full-size Prodigy 54×80.  Other lengths are custom-made.  That seems very odd since my other sources say 54×75 is standard.  In an online chat with one retailer first said “Full is 54×80 full xl is 54×84” and a few lines later said “Length would be an 80 for an XL That would also take a custom mattress as it is not a normal size”  When I asked about the contradiction I got “I was thinking Californa king, is an 84”  So the second quote from them is 54×75 and 54×80.

My third source gives 3 different full sizes, and confirmed by email the same thing that’s on their website. http://www.sleep-comfort.com/adjustable-beds/size-chart.html — 53×74, 53×80 or 53×84 “Those are 3 different sizes we make. 1 inch off is nothing to worry about….some places say 74 or 75 but then when you measure it with a professional measure device its 1 inch off :)”

Uhm, why?  What is “a professional measure device”?  And does this device say it’s one inch smaller or larger?

It says right on the floorplan of my RV that my current bed is a Queen 58 x 74 1/2, so someone seems to think they can measure even to the half-inch.  (Standard Queen is 60×80)  I haven’t tried to measure it with a professional device.  I’m not sure if I have a professional device.  I have tape measures.

10/13/15 — updates: My new credit card arrived. My contractor for steps says he can connect water and sewer.

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