The iPad Compatible Bed Dilemma

I keep having flashbacks to the Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon goes to Penny’s apartment, she invites him to sit down and he says, sadly, “If only it were that simple.”  I’m hoping blogging this will help somehow.bed whereI’ve been a full-time RVer for about 10 years and will soon be moving into a small manufactured home.  In RV’s the beds are built-in, so I got rid of the bed I had before that.  Now I need a bed.  With my disabilities and the likelihood that they’ll get worse as I get older, I decided to splurge on an adjustable bed.  I’ve been researching them off and on for almost a year, and finally decided that the option of getting a bed that was iPad compatible was just too cool to resist, even though I don’t have an iPad yet.  Although since I made that decision, I’ve discovered other options with Bluetooth.  (I think there was a joke about that on BBT, but can’t remember it.)

This blog is probably going to get long, but I’ll try to keep it from getting too long, and won’t go into all the research and decisions that have been going on, and I’ll get straight to the Dilemma that’s (ironically) keeping me awake lately: where to put my new bed.

I can’t remember ever facing a decision like this before.  In RV’s I have no choice, and everywhere else, there was just one obvious “right” place.  Not only isn’t it obvious in my new bedroom, there’s no place that feels right.  I’ve been lying in my current bed, imagining each of the options, and all of them feel wrong.  Have I screwed up really badly?

Again, trying not to go into boring detail, I tried to plan carefully in ordering a custom-made manufactured home, and it’s gone through many revisions, but never did I sit down with a floorplan to scale and figure out where my bed would go.  In hindsight I can look back and realize that each revision made my bedroom less and less suitable to having a bed in it.

But really, I’m not as bad as Sheldon.  Every time he explains why he has to sit in His Spot and he gets to the part about “and in the summer” I want someone to stop him and say, “Sheldon, it’s not summer now.  What difference does it make today what it’s like in summer?”

Well, actually, I know the answer.  It’s the same reason I buy Angel Soft Double Roll 9-pack toilet paper.  Because I don’t want to have to make a decision every time “TP” is on my grocery list.  I want, no matter what store I go to, no matter what’s on sale, no matter what’s “new and improved” and be able to get something acceptable without having to go through all those calculations about price per square inch.  Come to think of it, I have no idea how other people buy toilet paper, but I doubt they do it my way.  Sheldon probably does.

But with this bed, because it’s an adjustable, it makes a difference which is end is the head and which the foot.  And because my new bedroom is so small and the bed so big, I don’t think I’ll be able to rotate it by myself if I change my mind after the delivery people leave.

It’s too late to change my mind about the house floorplan, but I don’t think it’s too late to change my mind about the bed.

I went through agonies over deciding between full size and Queen, but when I got to Mattress Mania and they had just one floor model in stock, and it was on sale and it was Queen, that settled me.  Only today I’m looking at the actual numbers and realizing that my current Queen bed is really a little smaller than standard, and my new bedroom, while much bigger than my current bedroom, is, in fact, by any other standard, small.

Here’s my floorplan with Queen bed, more or less to scale.  This is the placement I’m currently leaning towards, the head of the bed being towards the top.  But that would require me to sleep on the wrong side of the bed!  Or at least get up on wrong side when I go to the bathroom during the night.  (There’s a long whining story about that, but I’ll spare you.)

I had asked if I could get that bathroom door as a pocket door, and they said no, but I could still either remove the door or get it replaced with some kind of sliding, closet door, so it wouldn’t need so much clearance.  Here’s now it looks:


Here’s the original floorplan.  It had a lot more blank wall space to put a bed headboard against.  And was 3 inches bigger.

GS 481MNow that I think about it, the reason I thought those corner windows would be so cool was because I had them in my Coquille house, where the master bedroom was bigger than my whole RV.

rink bedroom

My current floorplan is:

Northwood arctic-30U

My previous RV was:


You can see why I feel the bathroom should be to the left of the bed, or at its foot, right?  But with the closet and door clearance, I can’t do that.  Unless I get a double bed instead of a Queen.  (Looks like, in the UK, a standard King is smaller than an American standard Queen.  I’m sure there’s a good joke in there, but haven’t thought of it yet.  It’s still politically correct to make fun of Americans and Brits, isn’t it?  Although I think most other nationalities are out.)

It’s not just that I regret my decisions about buying this house.  I feel like an idiot for selling the house in Coquille eleven years ago.

It’s amazing how lumpy my current bed has gotten since I tried out new beds.

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