It makes me want to write a filk song

To the tune of: Mickey Mouse Club

filk flame 31jul99cr
This is the only pic I could find that I took at a filk sing. They don’t usually involve so much flame.


A – Always Means Well: I don’t mean to be rude when I do thing that are considered annoying to people without AS

S – Special Interest: Game shows are my special interest – ask me anything about any of them

P – People Seem Strange to Me: I don’t completely understand how people without AS think

E – Ears Hurt When Things are Loud: That’s my sensitivity, for other with AS it could be light, smell, taste…

R – Rules are Very Important: It upsets me greatly when people don’t follow rules

G – Gets Mad When Routines Aren’t Followed: I have an internal schedule I must follow

E – Every Day Tries Very Hard: I would fall asleep after school because getting through a day was harder for me than most people

R – Remembers Things Very Well: I retain text so well that I can frequently quote passages from books I have read

S – Social Rules are Hard: I have a hard time adjusting to expectations