lisa and Chrys scarfMy favorite episode of The Big Bang Theory is probably The Nerdvana Annihilation, episode 14 of the first season. I keep trying to tell the following joke about it, but no one seems to find it as funny as I do. Admittedly, in Real Life, it probably seems more sad than funny.

I thought that episode was totally unrealistic. Imagine, keeping a full-scale time machine model in an apartment! I kept mine in the garage.

So, that’s my header pic for this blog. It really was Nerdvana for me to be parking my car next to the TARDIS! Although it wasn’t actually my TARDIS. The TARDIS Assemblers Union – Local 42 (two of them pictured to the right) needed a place to keep theirs for a while and I was honored to offer them my garage. That was around 1985.